Procurement Managers, Due Process Managers/ Officers, Tender Managers, Purchasing Managers/Officers, Supply Chain Personnel, Logistics Officers, Logistics Managers Project Managers/ Coordinators/Administrators, Project Accountants, Assistant Project Accountants, Internal Auditors, Project Auditors, Project Management Members etc.


The heartbeat of any organisation and project success is a well-organized procurement system that is efficiently planned, administered, managed and provides directions or laid down rules on what to buy, when to buy, where to buy and how to buy. The main objective of procurement is to obtain the best possible value for money while rigorously maintaining the procuring entity’s business principles and the guidelines and agreements under which it operates.

Good procurement knowledge and practice in project environment has the capacity to eliminate organisation and project waste, fraud, improve quality and quantity of output, facilitate productivity and enhance optimization of resources, but emphasis should be given to the planning and implementation process.

There are diverse areas of procurement in any organisation or project and these are categorized into goods, works and hiring of consultants’ services. In spite of the fact that the principles governing procurement practices are the same, their implementations are however different and peculiar to the types of items being procured and the uniqueness of the project. This workshop is designed to enrich delegates with the knowledge of emerging trends in strategies, values, techniques and tools in the planning, administration and management of procurement, which will in turn ensure greater efficiency, transparency and accountability in financial management

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • apply tools and techniques for value-driven procurement, planning, administration and management
  • apply the policies, guidelines and procedures for procurement of goods, equipment and services in for the Federal Government of Nigeria and donor agencies
  • analyze the benefits of operating a sound procurement system and why its achievement
  • maintenance should be a priority concern for major stakeholders
  • review the end to end procurement management process
  • draw up good procurement plans using appropriate planning tools
  • develop evaluation criteria to select the best supplier
  • prepare and evaluate equipment specification
  • create platform for maximum competition for provision and supply of goods and equipment among contractors and suppliers
  • discuss the role of contract administration in making sure the contractor delivers
  • prepare, administer and evaluate bidding documents
  • organize and conduct effective bidding processes through the understanding of Donor
  • policies guidelines in procurement management
  • manage e-procurement system
  • identify key elements dynamic purchase system; and
  • undertake Public Private Partnerships in Procurement.
  • Public Procurement & Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Donor Agencies, Procurement Policy and Guidelines
  • Overview of Project Finance Management: Challenges , Framework & Scope
  • Donor Policies & Guidelines on Project Finance & Disbursement Management
  • Procurement Process and Planning
  • Preparation of Terms of Reference (TOR)
  • Preparation of Cost Estimates
  • Bidders Qualifications
  • Management of Contracts
  • Disbursement Types and Methods in Project Implementation
  • Tools and techniques for Administering Public Private Partnerships in Procurement
  • Management of E-procurement System
  • Dynamic Purchase Systems
  • Overview of life cycle Costing and Assessment

1st Run: 4th – 8th JUN, 2018 (ONE WEEK) | 4th – 15th JUN, 2018 (TWO WEEKS)

2nd Run: 6th – 10th AUG, 2018 (ONE WEEK) | 6th – 17th AUG, 2018 (TWO WEEKS)

3rd Run: 15th – 19th OCT, 2018 (ONE WEEK) | 15th – 26th OCT, 2018 (TWO WEEKS)

4th Run: 12th – 16th NOV, 2018 (ONE WEEK) | 12th – 23rd NOV, 2018 (TWO WEEKS)

5th Run: 17th – 21st DEC, 2018 (ONE WEEK)

| IBADAN (ONE WEEK) | 150,000 Naira Per Participant

| IBADAN (TWO WEEKS) | 300,000 Naira Per Participant

| OUTSIDE IBADAN (ONE WEEK) | 200,000 Naira Per Participant

| OUTSIDE IBADAN (TWO WEEKS) | 400,000 Naira Per Participant