Project Coordinators, Directors of Finance, National Finance Controller, State Finance Controllers, Finance Officers, Project Accountants, Internal and External Auditors, Head PFMU, Officials from the Ministry of Budget and Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers and other Officials in charge of financial management and expenditure control-related activities.

There has been increasing pressure from donor agencies and international organisations on government ministries, departments and agencies to be more accountable in their handlings of public budgets and other financial dealings in such a manner that depicts accountability and transparency. Adopting a sound financial plans with good budgeting and auditing management protocols will go a long way in helping public sector organisations involved in managing the economy decrease the yearly budget deficits, reduce national debt and improve liquidity through savings


It is therefore against this background that this study tour is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed for the development and sustenance of an efficient financial management system with particular focus on budgeting and auditing.

  • Modern Approaches to Public Finance Management
  • International Accounting Principles & Standards in Public Sectors
  • Budget Formulation; Traditional and Conventional Approaches
  • Governance, Transparency and Accountability in Financial Management
  • Integrated Financial Performance Management and Performance Budgeting
  • Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS) in improving Financial Reporting and Accountability
  • Accountability-Driven Policy and Budget Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Accountability, Integrity systems and Fiscal Transparency in Public Finance Management
  • International Best Practices in Financial Auditing Techniques and Methods; Financial Compliance Auditing, Performance Auditing and Internal Auditing
  • Experience Sharing
  • Site Visits

1st Run: 1st – 5th APRIL, 2019 | SEYCHELLES | $ 3,000

2nd Run: 1st – 5th JULY, 2019 | USA | $ 3,000

3rd Run: 2nd – 6th SEPT, 2019 | UK | £ 3,000

4th Run: 9th – 13th NOV, 2019 | EGYPT | $ 3,000