Our Approach

  • Transfer of Learning

    We ensure that our training does not place content or material above the need to transfer learning back to the real job and link it with business results. This we do by engaging the whole system (i.e., the learner, the learner’s manager, the organization, the business need) in order to address the “what is in it for me”

  • Multiple-Experience Training

    Knowing that people learn in different ways, we avoid designing a “one size fits all” learning experience by developing some strategic tools and training delivery methods to accommodate this and ensure that our participants’ various learning needs are met.

  • Guide on the Side

    Our training approach is also highly participatory. The brain friendly rule of thumb is that learners should spend at least 70% of the learning experience doing something other than just listening to the trainer. Learning is not just about the consumption of information but the creation of meaning, value and ultimately action on the part of the learner;

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    hence our decision not to be “sages on the stage”, but “guide on the side” by encouraging methods that activate learning such as discussion, role play, syndicate groups, management games, etc.

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  • Interactive Delivery

    Studies have shown that we remember about 5% of what we hear, 20% of what we see, 40-50% of what we see and hear, and up to 80% of what we see, hear and do. Hence, we employ approaches and teaching, learning tools and equipment that facilitate the achievement of these goals.

  • Post Training Evaluation

    We conduct post-training evaluation to assess the new value added in terms of skills and knowledge arising from participants’ attendance of our training programmes.

  • Study Tour

    Knowledge and skill acquisition in our training courses would also be buttressed with a study tour of relevant project sites in the host country. The essence of embarking on this is to arm our participants with the necessary travel experience required for specific learning goals.

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    The learning goals of each tour varies and are always spelt out in the course syllabus that would be distributed to each of our participants.

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As a renowned management consultancy firm with public interest, we conduct research and social surveys, make human capacity forecasts and also assess industry trends