Project Management Team members, Steering Committee members, Executive Directors And Senior Line Managers, General Managers and Functional Heads from Medium and Large Companies, Company Directors, Senior Functional Managers, Regional Directors or Country Managers, Heads of Multiple Business ¥nits within an organisation, Permanent Secretaries, Directors, Assistant & Deputy Directors, other Senior Civil Servants, and Leaders Of NGOs, Committee Executives of mid-sized Organisations and those with responsibility for managing Cross-Functional and/or Global Teams


Successful organisations today and in the nearest future will be those with leaders who are able to incorporate effective leadership mechanism and corporate governance into the operations and pursuit of organisational goals in a way that bring about a high sense of ownership, and support from all stakeholders. Institutions aspire to ensure increased overlap between individual performance and organisational goals, but the reality is that this becomes more difficult in environments where complex, often conflicting goals, are being driven through complex governance structures with a multitude of measures. Ensuring we have the requisite Leadership, performance management, financial and operations management skill to drive creativity & innovation is now a vital issue with stakeholders of most organisations. Accordingly, good leaders must embody the purpose, vision, and values of the organisation and all stakeholders, within an understanding of ethical ideals. They should connect the goals of the organisation with that of the internal employees and external stakeholders.

Good business teams produce results during times of prosperity, but it is often a different story during times of change and uncertainty. Most countries in the World and Nigeria inclusive are experiencing varied levels of change and uncertainty and it is only innovative, prepared and motivated teams with agility, focus and motivation that would successfully navigate the shifting environment.

In this workshop, you will gain practical tools that will enable you to communicate and manage performance, finance, operations and drive creativity and innovations, in a manner that inspires followers and ensures optimal productivity through any change initiative.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • identify the root causes of non-performance and take appropriate action to combat them
  • analyse their organisations’ long-term objective and the strategy to achieve it
  • translate abstract ideas into tangible results; drive creativity and innovations
  • build a strong team and manage internal and external stakeholders
  • use knowledge toolkits to best respond to challenges
  • motivate team members, for a whole-team performance boost
  • deepen strategy formulation skill, in the context of a turbulent environment
  • discuss factors that determine success
  • enumerate how to enhance personal leadership impact and effectiveness
  • develop an understanding of how to solve problems, make decisions, organize effectively and maximise business performance
  • acquire new insights and perspectives from world class experts; and
  • build a powerful network of peers and faculty
  • Leadership Expectations and Requirements for the 21st Century
  • Leadership in a change environment
  • Strategic and Transformational leadership for the emergence, promotion, implementation and execution of innovative ideas
  • Team Building, Motivation, Persuasion, Organizing & Delegating.
  • Critical Thinking for Innovation
  • The Eight Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Performance Improvement, Management and Innovation
  • Strategic Planning and Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

1st Run: 12th – 16th NOV, 2018 (ONE WEEK)

2nd Run: 10th – 14th DEC, 2018 (ONE WEEK)

| IBADAN (ONE WEEK) | 150,000 Naira Per Participant

| OUTSIDE IBADAN (ONE WEEK) | 200,000 Naira Per Participant