Managers/Administrators of Organisations, Administrative Officers, Supervisors, Team leaders and Members, Human Resource Personnel, Personal Assistants, Secretaries, Accountants, Auditors, Assistant Accountants, Finance Professionals, Communication Managers/Officers, Information Officers, Public Relations Officers, Directors, Coordinators, Administrators an Public Relations Officers/Managers

In recent times, the selection and training of good administrators has been widely recognized as one of most pressing challenges facing organisations, there is surprisingly little agreement among executives or educators on what makes a good administrator. The contemporary approach to administrative issue is based not on what good executives are (their innate traits and characteristics), but rather on what they do (the kinds of skills which they exhibit in carrying out their jobs effectively). In this instance, a skill implies an ability which can be developed, not necessarily inborn, and which is manifested in performance. This training is therefore designed to enhance participants’ skills and competencies through a result-driven approach to development of administrative capacities. This approach emphasizes that good administrators are not necessarily born; they can be developed. It transcends the need to identify specific traits to helping to identify the skills most needed at various levels of responsibility, thus providing a more useful way of looking at the administrative process and practice.

  • Public service administrative rules and regulations
  • Civil service ethics, processes and practices
  • ServiCom
  • Public service financial rules and regulations
  • Transparency, accountability, compliances with financial management audit functions, reports & recommendation as management tools
  • Administrative practice: Service meetings, drafts, briefs, minute, memo and Official letter writing & reporting
  • Handling Official documents
  • Leadership, Performance Tracking, Personal Effectiveness, Time & Change management in the public service
  • Result-driven public service
  • Roles of HR officer in achieving optimal outcomes in the public service
  • Workplace Ethics & Etiquette and Workforce Management
  • Emotional intelligence for enhanced administrative performance
  • Tools and techniques for result-driven organisational communication
  • Organisational change management
  • Legal duties in Office management
  • ICT Tools for Effective Office Management

1st Run: 4th – 8th FEB, 2019 (ONE WEEK) |  4th – 15th FEB, 2019  (TWO WEEKS)

2nd Run: 8th – 12th APRIL, 2019 (ONE WEEK) | 8th – 29th APRIL, 2019 (TWO WEEKS)

3rd Run: 17th – 21st JUNE, 2019 (ONE WEEK) | 17th – 28th JUNE, 2019 (TWO WEEKS)

4th Run: 12th-16th AUG, 2019 (ONE WEEK) | 12th-24th AUG, 2019 (TWO WEEKS)

5th Run: 7th-11th OCT, 2019 (ONE WEEK) | 7th-18th OCT, 2019 (TWO WEEKS)

6th Run: 9th – 13th DEC, 2019 (ONE WEEK) | 9th – 20th DEC, 2019 (TWO WEEK)

| IBADAN (ONE WEEK) | 150,000 Naira Per Participant

| IBADAN (TWO WEEKS) | 300,000 Naira Per Participant

| OUTSIDE IBADAN (ONE WEEK) | 200,000 Naira Per Participant

| OUTSIDE IBADAN (TWO WEEKS) | 400,000 Naira Per Participant