MIS Officers, M&E Officers, Personnel of Projects, Organisations, Ministries, Parastatals and organisations saddled with the responsibility of data collection, collation, analysis, research experts, tracking and reporting and other related functions.


In today’s world, managing organisations/projects is about results. Everyone, government Officials, development partners, parliamentarians, vulnerable groups, civil society, poor people, the private sector is demanding programs that help deliver sustainable results. However, in reality, most project environments only see the tip of the iceberg to make tactical decisions in ensuring their projects are on time, within budget and with specifications. Thus the need to develop mechanism for directing projects efforts toward the achievement of verifiable outcomes.

A well thought out governance framework and a performance management strategy is the first step in identifying what metric and analytics are needed to improve the performance. Although many models of measurement are readily available, the biggest challenge lies in quickly accessing the data from multiple sources, massaging the information and then providing the relevant results to the appropriate decision makers. For those who are knowledgeable about data gathering and analysis, the fact remains that the methods and tools for data collection, analysis and use are not static.

The foregoing, calls for a need for training and retraining of designated personnel in the art of data analysis and presentation for better project performance. The training will engage the use of practical and interactive approaches, which will assist relevant personnel to gather, interpret, document and use data to track project performance, improve on current activities and better achieve the overall organisational goals

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • discuss the essentials of data gathering and profiling
  • identify and address important data gaps
  • explore the data gathering process
  • make maximum use of existing data
  • use a wide range of modern data collection and analysis methods
  • analyse data using modern statistical packages
  • use visualization tools in supporting data collection and analysis;
  • practically demonstrate methods of e-data collection, collation and analysis
  • accurately forecast project budget, scope and schedule
  • assess and measure and trends in project performance
  • identify bottlenecks or areas of concern
  • track existing monitoring protocol; reporting status; implementing response plans; and workarounds
  • keep and maintain work performance data / information
  • Introduction to Social Analysis and Data
  • Planning Performance Data Collection: Data Collection Instrument Design
  • Linkages between Variables, Sources and Methods
  • Practical Demonstration of Data Collection Collation and Analysis for Effective Decision-Making.
  • Generic and Specific tools to perform Data Analysis; SPSS, E-VIEW, STATA, R, SAS, etc.
  • Earned Value Management Techniques
  • Forecasting Methods- Project Performance Concept
  • Project Communication Management
  • Collecting, Measuring and Distributing Performance Information
  • Work Performance Data / Information Management system
  • Concept of Project Analytics and Reporting

1st Run: 4th – 8th JUN, 2018 (ONE WEEK) | 4th – 15th JUN, 2018 (TWO WEEKS)

2nd Run: 6th – 10th AUG, 2018 (ONE WEEK) | 6th – 17th AUG, 2018 (TWO WEEKS)

3rd Run: 15th – 19th OCT, 2018 (ONE WEEK) | 15th – 26th OCT, 2018 (TWO WEEKS)

4th Run: 12th – 16th NOV, 2018 (ONE WEEK) | 12th – 23rd NOV, 2018 (TWO WEEKS)

5th Run: 17th – 21st DEC, 2018 (ONE WEEK)

| IBADAN (ONE WEEK) | 150,000 Naira Per Participant

| IBADAN (TWO WEEKS) | 300,000 Naira Per Participant

| OUTSIDE IBADAN (ONE WEEK) | 200,000 Naira Per Participant

| OUTSIDE IBADAN (TWO WEEKS) | 400,000 Naira Per Participant